Features Found and Unfound

My original plan was to take a trip down to the city to take some pictures of people skating at Campus Martius for the feature photography  assignment.  I was also meeting some friends down there for coffee.  I arrived around 11:45 on a Sunday and realized that according to the website skating began at noon.  I decided to walk around the area for a while and then sat down on a bench near the rink.  As I was waiting a gentleman walked over to me.  He told me he goes by LTD and said it was okay for me to be down there because I had a camera.  I wasn’t sure what he meant by his statement but I started to engage with him in conversation and told him that I was waiting to take pictures of people skating.

LTD, actual name Cedric Johnson, informed me that skating had stopped for the season two weeks ago so we began chatting.  Cedric was lively and told me he was from Mississippi.  He said he used to be homeless and now has found a place to live.  He also informed me that the area was “his area” and even though now he lives several miles east of downtown he still makes his trip down to Campus Martius.  At times, he is there to talk with the security guard and told me the security will sometimes give him money for helping them out in the area.  I decided to ask Cedric if he would mind if I took photos of him.  I told him I was a photojournalism student and was interested in finding out wat was going on in the city.  He happily obliged and informed me of various areas to check out in the city including Cobo Hall.

After shooting Cedric and meeting friends for coffee, I decided to go online to see what events were going on in the city.  I saw that Cobo Hall was having an event called “Discover the Dinosaurs:  Unleashed” taking place which was a family orientated event that have various hands on activities for children.  I proceeded to walk over to Cobo Hall and got some shots of families from the Metro Detroit area as well as Windsor.  I was even able to capture a few Detroit police officers walking through the area together.  I found once I Disclosed I was a student photojournalist it was easy to get people to allow me to take photos although many asked when and where it would be featured and I explained it would be posted on a blog for an assignment.

Fast forward to yesterday when I visited the lab and had the opportunity to look up close at my pictures to find that I was not happy with most of them.  I was trying to think of another event to shoot and on my way home Mark Dillaway from the WSU-AAUP union called me to ask if I was going to attend the social justice event on campus this Wednesday.  I thought right there that this was where I needed to go to capture some additional pics.  I guess I’ve learned from this lesson that you must be flexible, creative and that things most of the time do not go according to plan.

I went over to the event and was able to capture some moments from the gathering of students, faculty and staff.  Since the event was held at the Student Center Building, I ended walking past the recreation area where students were gathered playing ping pong as well as pool so that this was a good opportunity to take some shots for the enterprise photo.

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