Portraiture Photos

I first decided to take a photo of two softball players at the WSU Warriors Women’s Softball game.  I caught two WSU players warming up and asked if they minded if I shoot a few photos.  It was a great shot because opportunity because I could get them with their baseball gloves for the environmental shot.  We were outside so the lighting turned out to be easy to do.  It was also a great way for me to interact with some of the players during the game.  The two athletes gave me tips for where to go to shoot the game for good action photos.

Portrait Assignment
On Tuesday, Christiana Smith, 20, of Southfield,  at The Fisher Theatre, in Detroit, Michigan.  The Fisher was the home of a temporary skateboarding half pipe for the “Skateboarding as a Cross-Cultural Platform” event.  (Photo:  Heather Sandlin) 

Portrait Assignment


The second portraiture was spontaneous.  I decided to go to a skateboarding event at the Fisher Theater in Detroit.  There was a half-pipe set up inside of the building.  I began to take various photos of the event and had a chance to talk with one of the women skateboarding there as she exited off the ramp.  I told her that I was a photojournalism student and asked if she minded if I took a photo of her for my class.  I decided to take two photos one was portrait headshot, which is not easy to do, and the other was an environmental.  I learned that in my many of my photos I need to work on the rule of thirds.  I centered the subject in the photo,  which isn’t always the proper rule to follow.  I also learned from this assignment  that I should spend more time talking with my subjects prior to shooting,  to learn more about their personality and what type of shots best capture their character.


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