Sports Photography

I decided to experiment and do two shoots.  The first was a middle school basketball game and I practiced shooting indoors.  I realize you must really be on your toes when you shoot sporting events, especially basketball when you are close to the action.  I think there were plenty of times that I was in close encounter with the basketball or a player.  It was interesting to pay attention to the fans, coaches and referees as well and capture some of their facial expressions during the game.  I find it exciting shooting sports and learned how to watch the game without looking through my viewfinder.  I realized that at middle school games it can be difficult to obtain rosters of the teams.  One of the coaches had simply wrote down the players numbers without the names.  I know that in shooting sporting events it is always mandatory to gather the team rosters.

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The second sports photo assignment was the Wayne State University Women’s softball team.  The day I went to the doubleheader was a beautiful sunny day so I was thankful the lighting would be good for shooting.  The WSU Warriors team played the Grand Valley Lakers.  I learned that baseball/softball games can be tricky to shoot if you are not on the field due to various obstacles, namely fences.  I did find a way to shoot in between the fence while talking to some players warming up.   I was informed by one of a good spot to get action shots which is how I was able to capture most of my batting/pitching photos.  I learned a lot and namely how tricky it can be shooting sports action.



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