About Me


Heather Sandlin

Frequently running into and never running out of subject material.

  • Journalism has always been a passion of mine from the time I was in high school and writing for my high school newspaper the Purple Pulse over 20 years ago. I’m introducing this passion back into my life through taking a digital photojournalism course at Wayne State University. Photojournalism also serves as a creative outlet. I think of myself as a storyteller/artist with a camera.  I’m excited to begin my blog so that I can share my insights, expertise, passions and concerns as a citizen journalist.
  • I graduated from U of M Dearborn with a Bachelor Degree in General Studies. I then went on to Graduate School and received a Master’s Degree in Dispute Resolution and Urban Planning from Wayne State University.
  • I currently am an Academic Services Officer at Wayne State University. I  advise students interested in various Health Science careers at the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. I also teach a course in Conflict Resolution in the Mortuary Science program to students that will become funeral directors. In the course we discuss their own conflict style as well as ways they can deal with family conflict.
  • I’m a mother of two sons and I also am a RYT-Certified yoga instructor.
  • I’m an avid runner and have completed 9 marathons and 5 ultra marathons. I enjoy running and exploring my environment.  I started to notice things in a different way on foot.    I was inspired to begin taking photos of things I would see during my runs which drew me further into photography.
  • I also love to travel and hope this blog/journal  will take me on various adventures in the future.  I also have always been interested in people and their stories.  I recently became a Lyft driver which has opened up a whole new world of storytelling.